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Ken Arnold’s Safety Minute

Each week Napa Valley College Police Chief, Ken Arnold will take us through one small thing that we might do to make ourselves more prepared for the next quake, the next flood, or any disaster that might happen.

The goal here is not heavy lifting, or to change your life.  Simply to do one small thing each week.  We hope that at the end of a year, you will be prepared for whatever might come your way.

 Ken Arnold’s Safty Minute

A look back at our 2014 conversations for “Napa Valley College Now”


President Ron Kraft talked to us about the Bond Issue and the College’s future

Dr. Terry Guigni, VP of Academic Instruction

Police Chief Ken Arnold explains why the College even needs a police Department

Stephanie Grohs tell us what a Faculty Librarian does.

Eric Wade talks welding and the importance of vocational training.

A Debate about MEASURE “E” The Napa Valley College Bond

FOR MEASURE “E” – DR. RON KRAFT, Napa Valley College President


AGAINST MEASURE “E” – LEON BRAUNING, Napa Taxpayers Association