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California fights wildfires aggressively—but prevention takes a back seat OR Why Measure C Should Go Up in Smoke

A conversation with CalMatters environmental reporter Julie Cart about her story on the state of California’s forests.

It appears that, if we care about fire suppression,  Measure C, may be a very bad idea

Trump’s Trade War Encircles The Napa Valley

Over the past  several years, the Napa Valley has increased the amount of wine it exports to China.  In response to Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, the Chinese have retaliated by placing tariffs on hundred of American products, including wine.  We decided to take look at how this might impact two Napa winery.  

We spoke to Michael Honig, President of Honig Winery and Vineyards, and Scott Meadows, the GM of Silenus Winery.