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Napa City Planning Commissioner Mike Murray Takes Us Inside The Napa Planning Process

Mike Murray, the Chairman of the Napa City Planning Commision opens up about Napa Oaks, housing, design review and the ongoing tensions between the planning commission, the Council and city staff.  It’s a deeply informed insight into how the Napa city planning process really works.


Season 4 Episode 10: Put a Cork In It. Or a Screwcap. Whatever:  We talk about how great corks are as wine closures. We also talk about how great screwcaps are. They both work fine. Also today, listeners ask about whether there’s a definition of Rosé, if all wines get better with age, and about how to open an old bottle. Plus, our Truly Horrible wine writing is dense, thick and concentrated.


NAPA FIRE STORIES: 250 Hours That Changed Napa

The roads are open, neighborhoods are repopulated, the air is breathable; burnt out structures have been inventoried and the death count no longer rises.  As we return to normal, or what passes for it, only now do we have the luxury of looking back at stories of courage, skill and the communities remarkable grace under pressure.  

Disasters always bring character into bold relief.  They are the moments that tell us who we really are.  Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be telling you those stories and introducing you, up close and personal, to people you need to hear from.  Not about road closures, or FEMA registration, or how to get rid of debris, but about the amazing human spirit.