Napa Broadcasting

About Us


The Napa Valley has become a world class destination, but its media has not kept pace. grows out of the need to address that imbalance. This is not anything like your father’s radio station, or your grandfather’s newspaper. You won’t hear warmed over headlines, you won’t hear eight minutes of commercials or sports programs from out of town.

On the NEWS front, you won’t get cub reporters “interpreting” the news.  Instead, you will hear from the actual people making local news. You’ll hear intelligent interviews and conversations, but you won’t get a daily police blotter, or the latest American Canyon Walmart crime. We’ll leave that to others.

What we hope you get is plenty of controversy. No one here is afraid to say what’s on their mind and while we will take snapshots of opinions, mostly we’re holding up a mirror to allow people to see themselves.

You will always hear a diversity of people, of ideas and of opinions. Napa Valley College will be a big part of our programming, because we believe that a Community College has the potential to personify the youthful energy and ideas that help define, shape and hold together a community.

Our efforts are about depth; about holding people’s feet to the fire and having some fun. We make the assumption you don’t need superficial information and that you already have a working knowledge of your community.  That you can look outside the window, or on your App and see the weather and check the traffic. We won’t be doing that.  But if you do stay with us for a while, you’ll get “the rest of the story.”

OUR FOODWINE AND HEALTH programming tries to embrace all that Napa Valley has to offer. We think that those that live here can enjoy the very same things as those that visit. It’s a great perk. If you stay with us, you’ll learn a lot about the wine, food, the hospitality business and many of the larger than life personalities that make this place tick. We think that what’s good for our visitors, is also good for us.

Jeff Schechtman