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California fights wildfires aggressively—but prevention takes a back seat OR Why Measure C Should Go Up in Smoke

A conversation with CalMatters environmental reporter Julie Cart about her story on the state of California’s forests.

It appears that, if we care about fire suppression,  Measure C, may be a very bad idea

John Tuteur Talks About New Election Procedures, Fire Assessments and His Personal Issues with the Napa Grand Jury

John Tuteur on a wide range of issues. Including a new election procedure for Napa County, policies for protecting your base year value when moving or rebuilding after the fires, and a frank conversation about his personal issues raised by the Napa Grand Jury.  

For those with only one interest, or with with limited time, here is the breakdown:

Election issues:        00:00 – 18:10

Fire Assessments:   18:10 – 28:01

The Grand Jury:      28:01 – 44:01