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John Charlesworth: A Teacher Who Always Reached For The Stars

John Charlesworth has spent 53 years teaching the students at Napa Valley College.  We all remember great teachers.  John Charlesworth is remembered by more than most.  A look back at a remarkable teaching career. 

California fights wildfires aggressively—but prevention takes a back seat OR Why Measure C Should Go Up in Smoke

A conversation with CalMatters environmental reporter Julie Cart about her story on the state of California’s forests.

It appears that, if we care about fire suppression,  Measure C, may be a very bad idea

John Tuteur Talks About New Election Procedures, Fire Assessments and His Personal Issues with the Napa Grand Jury

John Tuteur on a wide range of issues. Including a new election procedure for Napa County, policies for protecting your base year value when moving or rebuilding after the fires, and a frank conversation about his personal issues raised by the Napa Grand Jury.  

For those with only one interest, or with with limited time, here is the breakdown:

Election issues:        00:00 – 18:10

Fire Assessments:   18:10 – 28:01

The Grand Jury:      28:01 – 44:01