The future of Lincoln Theater: A talk with Robert Cole

The Napa Valley continues to become a world class community. As such, performing arts are a vital piece of that effort, for both visitors and locals alike.  However, the economics of that effort are quite a challenge.  The efforts of the Uptown, the long time trials and tribulations of the Opera House, now City Winery, the fact that it has been reported that there are over 25 venues in the Valley now offering live music, Bottle Rock and the Lincoln Theater all show how difficult it is.

Lincoln Theater is particularly unique. Its ownership by the state, its size and the artistic and educational scope of its mission, all make it a unique challenge.

Over the years, it has had its ups and downs.  Since the death of its principal patrons, Don and Lonnie Carr, it has gasped for financial air.  Its most immediate former leadership, Michael Madden and Barbara Brogliatti, thought they had the formula.

Now the theater has new leadership in the form of the support of world renowned IMG Artists and new executive leadership from industry veteran Robert Cole.

My conversation with Robert Cole about what’s next for LINCOLN THEATER.