The Napa Earthquake – The Recovery


9/9/14  The Red Cross has played a key role after the quake and in our recover

Anne Steinhauer, Executive Director of the Napa Red Cross, talks about the Red Cross’ role immediately after the disaster and now, in the recovery.


9/2/14 – We could be in for years of seismic activity here in the Bay Area. NAPA VALLEY COLLEGE Geology Professor Richard Della Valle explains: 

The takeaway from this conversation with Della Valle is a better understanding of what happened and why, and an insightful but fearful understanding of what may be ahead.


8/30/14 – Napa is open for Business

As we continue the clean up from one week ago, each and every day hotels, restaurants, and building reopen.  From Calistoga to Carnaro, the Napa Valley is open for business.  Visit Napa Valley’s Clay Gregory bring us up to date and what he’s doing to get the word out:

9/3/14  European Space Agency Radar Image of the Napa Quake:

The biggest earthquake in 25 years struck California’s Napa Valley in the early hours of 24 August 2014. By processing two Sentinel-1A images, which were acquired on 7 August and 31 August 2014 over this wine-producing region, an interferogram was generated. The two round shapes around Napa valley, which are visible in the central part of the image show how the ground moved during the quake. Deformation on the ground causes phase changes in radar signals that appear as the rainbow-coloured patterns. Each colour cycle corresponds to a deformation of 28 mm deformation. The maximum deformation is more than 10 cm, and an area of about 30×30 km was affected significantly.

Interferograms like these are being used by scientists on the ground to help them map the surface rupture and model the earthquake. This interferogram very clearly shows the fault that caused the earthquake, which had not been identified as being particularly hazardous prior to the event.

Despite this interferogram being computed with images acquired in the satellite’s ‘stripmap mode’, which is not going to be the default mode when operational, this result demonstrates the capability of Sentinel-1A and marks the beginning of a new era for our ability to map earthquakes from space.


8/29/14 – Napa Sheriff John Robertson 

What was it like for law enforcement in the immediate aftermath of the quake?  Napa Sheriff John Robertson talks about what went on, how emergency command is set up and how our system worked so well:




Neighbors helping Neighbors:

Napa Valley Vintners to donate $10 million to Community Disaster Relief Fund for Local Residents and Businesses


This video is a great reminder and retrospective of Sunday’s events.


Napa Quake May Cost Up to $4 Billion as Wineries Shuttered – From INSURANCE JOURNAL



As the sun rises on the morning after the Napa quake, we begin to assess the human, physical and economic toll of  what happened.  To begin to get  a handle on all of this, this morning we’ve spoken to Napa Mayor Jill Techel, Supervisor Bill Dodd and City Councilman Peter Mott.

Some of the takeaways:

  • The City will delay the implementation of two-way streets
  • Public Works’ first priority today is repairing water lines
  • Napa is open for business as the clean up goes on
  • The Old Courthouse may have even more structural damage than originally thought
  • The Jail was one of the first law enforcement priorities yesterday.

Stay with us on as we continue to stay with this story, long after the satellite trucks have left.