Season 4 Episode 13:  The Death Spiral of Wine Writing, and Other Cheerful Stories  A Master of Wine said wine writing loses more and more people everyday with all kinds of snobby moves. We happen to agree. Also, we’ve got some historic history about corks, some listeners who have been paying attention – always a risk with us – ask about wine glasses, research on screwtops and about cork bits floating in wine.

Season 4 Episode 12:   Chardonnay is for Winners, and Other Useful Anti-Snob Info We answer questions about Chardonnay – was, is, and will remain cool – and explain why the Chard haters are maladjusted, control-freak, insecure snobs – but we say it nicely. Plus, listeners ask whether big bottles make wine taste different and whether it matters which you drink first, beer or wine.


Season 4 Episode 11: Put a Cork In It. Or a Screwcap. Whatever:  We talk about how great corks are as wine closures. We also talk about how great screwcaps are. They both work fine. Also today, listeners ask about whether there’s a definition of Rosé, if all wines get better with age, and about how to open an old bottle. Plus, our Truly Horrible wine writing is dense, thick and concentrated.

Season 4 Episode 10: Does Wine Make You Feel Sexy or Tired? We start a shiny new year with a less-than-scientific study about what drinks make you feel confident, exhausted and, of course, sexy. Listeners ask if it’s OK to drink whites in winter and we think a new year calls for stepping up our campaign to make fun of wine snobs.

Season 4 Episode 9: We Have New Year’s So We Can Drink Bubbles: The world is a better place when we’re drinking bubbly and this is the time for sparkling wine in all its forms., and we’ll tell you what many of them are. Plus listener questions about flying corks and how many bubbles are in a bottle of bubbly.


Season 4, Episode 8: Where Candy Cane Lane Meet Wine Snob Alley: We talk about how wine blends with the holiday parties, gifts, meals and, of course, the family wine snob. Plus listeners ask about corked wines and serving box wine at a holiday bash


Season 4, Episode 7: What does “Zesty” Really Mean and Other Ridiculous Advice: An important wine person tries to explain wine descriptors – and produces lots of jibberish. Plus, listeners ask about wine in cans and about what might have been a restaurant bait-and-switch, and our history moment goes back to the first domesticated grapes.

Season 4, Episode 6: Wine: The Answer to Everything: We have some new, always-useful studies this week, including one that says wine has a compound that helps heal your liver. And listeners ask if it’s a waste of good wine to cook with it and why important wine people never seem to recommend wines from the U.S.

Season 4, Episode 5: Yes Sir, You are a Flaming Snob: We pick nits with a big city writer who says, among other things, critics should never write about mainstream supermarket wine-no matter how good they are. Plus listeners ask about Bordeaux blends, why good wine in Europe seems to be less expensive, and what to do when the restaurant server overfills your glass.

Season 4, Episode 4: We explain the Oxford-Cambridge varsity wine tasting battle—and yes, it does sound like a breeding ground for snobs. Plus we answer questions about wine festivals, how to chill a wine fast and where to cut the foil on a bottle. And our Horrible Writing shows how to make anyone feel like an idiot, and trust us, that’s a feeling we know well.


Season 4, Episode 3:  We talk turkey about wines with turkey, and the rest of the Thanksgiving table. Listeners ask whether wine helps digestion and wonder what to do with the uncle who gives way-to-long toasts. Plus our Historic History Moment sends the Wayback machine to visit the Pilgrims.


Season 3, Episode 28: We fear wine snobs are spreading their narcissistic, tone-deaf, dysfunctional style to the cocktail world. Plus, we answer questions about wine stains, group etiquette in a wine bar and tasting notes at wineries, and our Horrible Wine Writing scores 97 points for hooey.


Season 3, Episode 27: Our second show recorded with a live audience at Amador Four Fires. We talk about the worst wine advice ever and answer questions about gluten-free wine and about why some writers always recommend wines you can’t get