Meet the Chancellor – An exclusive NAPAbroadcasting conversation with the new California Community College Chancellor, Eloy Ortiz Oakley

Perhaps at no time has the connection between education, the economy and the basic fabric of our communities been so closely linked.  With the many layers and systems of government and education we have in place, it’s often hard to find one touchpoint for addressing all of these issues.

In California we have that opportunity.  It exists in the mission and purpose of our community college system.  The largest such system in the country.  A group of 72 independent districts and 113 colleges, it alone has to look at the present and future of our economy, how we educate the workforce for that economy, and because of its local and decientalied nature, how it prepares both itself and the students it serves, to engage and interact with their local communities and leaders.

No small task.  Taking on that task is the newly mined Chancellor of the California Community College system, Eloy Ortiz Oakley.