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Monthly Archives: December 2015

image Karin Argoud’s reports on Travis Rogers and the Napa High Choir Program

Travis Rogers was the inspiration for this piece.  I was truly moved when I took my daughter through his class ( on a high school tour) and heard with my own ears the souls of the students through their voices, and saw with my own eyes- the desire and passion for singing that Travis Rogers taught these young students. 


image Holiday Giving Locally

Karin Argoud speaks with ALDEA Director of Development Marci Atkinson about holiday giving locally:


Be an Aldea Angel! Fill a stocking with approximately $25 worth of items for an Aldea child who may otherwise not receive a holiday gift this year. Select your own items, or email for a gift tag with specific requests, or stop by any Napa Mechanics Bank location to select a gift tag!

image Is traffic something we just need to get used to?
Dr. Susan Handy is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy and the Director of the Sustainable Transportation Center at UC Davis.  She’s one of the Bay Area experts on traffice, but she expalins to that there is simply no “silver bullett” to solve the traffic problem.
image Is affordable housing the impossible dream?
Kathleen Dreesssen and Marlene Santiago talk about the challenges of affordable housing in Napa and why a new housing share program may hold some answers.