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Napa Valley Film Festival 2018 – 

In case you missed any of these, here’s an opportunity to catch up with the Filmmakers and find out where you can still see these films.

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Listen to Your Napa City Council Candidates

(alphabetical order)


Listen to Your

Napa Valley College Board Candidates

(alphabetical order)

(Note that candidates Martenson, Goff & Soriano chose not to participate) 

image JoAnn Busenbark Speaks Out on a Napa Valley College Board Members Ethics Issues

If you live in and plan to vote in the Napa Valley College District 2 Board of Trustees Election, this seven minutes is well worth your time.

image POTTER for PARNESS : A good trade for the City of Napa


MIKE PARNESS is retiring in the middle of the city’s efforts to find a right way to build a new city hall.
Retiring Police CHIEF STEVE POTTER has already expressed interest, in our recent conversation, in being a City Manager.
He’d be a great interim City Manager, to start. He would provide continuity, common sense and a Win/Win for the City.
image California Is More Important Than Ever: Here Is How To Stay On Top of All of It


Learn about the California Sun. My conversation with its founder and editor Mike McPhate