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Congressman Mike Thompson and Napa Valley College host Public Forum on College Affordability

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson and Napa Valley College hosted a public forum on college affordability.  At the forum, information was presented for both high school and transfer students applying for college, and families and individuals who currently have student loans.

Panelists included Congressman Mike Thompson, Joe Barison & Renee Gullotto, officials from the U.S. Department of Education, Napa Valley College Dean & Financial Aid Officer Patti Morgan, Napa High School Assistant Principal Annie Petrie.   LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE FORUM:

Nancy Kates on “Napa Valley College Now” talks about the upcoming screening of her documentary “Regarding Susan Sontag.”

Nancy Kates’  film “Regarding Susan Sontag,” recently screened as part of the PhotoEye @ NVC Lecture Series.

A look back at our 2014 conversations for “Napa Valley College Now”


President Ron Kraft talked to us about the Bond Issue and the College’s future

Dr. Terry Guigni, VP of Academic Instruction

Police Chief Ken Arnold explains why the College even needs a police Department

Stephanie Grohs tell us what a Faculty Librarian does.

Eric Wade talks welding and the importance of vocational training.

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