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Napa has a haven from Toxic Toys

What’s hot and what’s not and what toxic this year in Toys?   Napa Broadcasting Special Correspondent Karin Argoud gets the latest from California’s Public Interest Research Group’s (CALPIRG ) annual report and talks with local Toy store owner Darren Turbeville of  Toy B Ville in Napa. Tuberville is a tall young man, that loves what he does and is a big believer in buying green and locally.  Turbeville takes your child play, very seriously.

Are Drones coming to the Napa Valley?

On display at Rootstock this week is a new class of drones designed to provide aerial information about the vineyards.  It’s a joint effort by Vine View of St. Helena and Sky Squirrel of Canada.

Napa is a beehive of activity…in more ways than you know. NAPAbroadcasting Special Correspondent Karin Argoud reports:

With commercial honey bees dying off from pesticides and diseases, Napa resident Rob Keller –  is a man on a mission to save the honey bee.  He has become one of the leading advocates for bees in his area by using his methods of strengthening the genetics of local bee populations by breeding bees with the strongest DNA and by passing his vision on to the next generation through awareness and education. special correspondent Karin Argoud has this story:


Music…Coming Soon! will soon be a great source for new music programs.  We will not be another streaming music service or an online jukebox.  We will be about curated music programs, covering a wide variety of genres and personalities.

It will be the place to go to learn about new music and about niche music. Our music programs might be about anything under the musical sun, from jazz to oldies to Rock.  We will also be interactive with lots of reviews, samplers and information about the business of contemporary music.  It’ll be your chance to be both a listener and an insider.  Coming Soon!

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