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Listen to Your Napa City Council Candidates

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Napa Valley College Board Candidates

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(Note that candidates Martenson, Goff & Soriano chose not to participate) 

Napa Valley College

A Conversation with Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley

In Napa, we have three contested college board races:  It’s worth listening to the Chancellor of California’s Community College System, as he talks about the mission and challenges ahead. 

Dr. Ron Kraft on the Growing Community Role of Napa Valley College

This 75th year of Napa Valley College is a transitional time.  Dr. Ron Kraft sits down to talk about the reasons for not going forward with a Bond issue right now, Napa Valley’s future job needs, how the college is responding to these local employment needs, and the improving working relationship between the college and every layer of the community.  Also, a look at how the college can help with the local housing needs.

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