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Just how dangerous is it to work at Napa State Hospital?

Today we hear about another rape at NAPA STATE HOSPITAL.  A couple of moths ago we spoke with Dr. Stephen Seager, who has worked as a psychiatrist at Napa State Hospital for more than four years.  While he applauds the care that’s given to the patients, he argues that Napa State is a very violent place.  A place where psychotic and  dangerous criminals are mixed with the staff and the general hospital population.  Dr. Seager has written about his experiences in “Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: A Year with the Criminally Insane.”  Here is our conversation with Dr. Seager.

Roadtrip Nation parters with the Napa County Office of Education to Empower At-Risk Students

Guests from the PBS show and career exploration movement, Roadtrip Nation, made a special stop today on their nation wide educational tour to visit NCOE Juvenile Court and Community Schools.  Roadtrip Nation will share with the students how they can match their natural interests with real world career opportunities, and “define their own roads.” 

Following presentations to the students, the Roadtrip guests will interview  Alfredo Pedroza, and Suzanne Van Stralen, Napa Rotary Club President. They will share how they reached their paths to success as leaders in sports, charity, government and business.  



Dave Graham and Jason Socggins talk to us about their introduction to BottleRock, their purchase of the festival and what a long, interesting trip it’s been, in the run-up to BottleRock 2015.


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