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Today’s City Council selection process


Congratulations to Mary Luros, our newest Napa City Council Member.

For those of you that were following this, she went off at 10 to 1 odds.  Far better than where she started :)

The Napa City Council spent a beautiful Saturday working hard to pick a new member for the City Council.  It was a good process and they should be commended. While five of their top six choices were wise, considered and expected, the choice of Dorris Gentry as a finalist, particularly over candidates that actually put themselves out there and ran for the seat, specifically Derek Anderson and Jose Hurtado, is a true slap in the face.

What we really learned today is that we have some great newcomers to our political process, Mary Luros for one, as well as Elba Gonzalez-Mares.  If anything, it tells us that the future of City of Napa politics is in good hands.  They along with Melissa Patrino are our future leaders. That, along with the selection of Mary, should make us all feel very good!!

Down to the Wire: The final morning line on the open City Council seat

The heck with the Superbowl and the odds on deflated balls.  Here is the morning line, according to, on the 17 that applied for the open City Council seat. The potential 6 finalists are in blue.    (As of 1/30/15 @ 10:00 am)


Napa Valley College funding

Napa Valley College VP for Administrative Services, Jeanine Hawk explains how state funding for Community College works and how it directly impacts Napa Valley College.


Karin Argoud reports on President Obama’s plan for Community College for all

In an effort to increase low wages and skills among Americans, President Obama has proposed a plan to make Community College available to all.  Karin Argoud reports for on what this might mean for Napa and Napa Valley College.  


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It will be the place to go to learn about new music and about niche music. Our music programs might be about anything under the musical sun, from jazz to oldies to Rock.  We will also be interactive with lots of reviews, samplers and information about the business of contemporary music.  It’ll be your chance to be both a listener and an insider.  Coming Soon!


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