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Bank of Napa CEO Tom LeMasters on “Napa Valley College Now”

Bank of Napa CEO Tom LeMasters talks to us about being one of this years inductees into the Napa Valley College Athletic Hall of Fame.

The event is being held on Friday, April 10.  For for information and tickets, click here

Jennifer Phillips (2)
Can this woman save St. Helena?

St. Helena once had every advantage.  Today the city is on the margins.  It’s the outlier of Napa Valley and its own economic sustainability is in question.  Enter JENNIFER PHILLIPS, who came in last August as the new City Manager.  Can she save the city from itself?  Listen to her conversation with Jeff Schechtman: 

Napa PD Chief Steve Potter

Napa’s Police Chief talks about recent events in Alta Heights, community policing and how law enforcement needs have changed in Napa.

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“Napa Valley College Now” looks at the role of technology in Kindergarten and Pre-K

What role should technology play in Pre-K and Kindergarten? Are iPads for all a good idea?  Peg Maddocks, Executive Director of NAPA LEARNS and Darrell Whitacre, Director of the Napa Valley College, Child Development Center address these questions:

One Napa School is 51% under-immunized. Why this creates risks for the whole community.

Local parent Hannah Henry talks about her journey to Sacramento and why the “personal belief exemption” for vaccinations should be abolished.

Food & Wine

U.S. District Judge rules against the Mishewal Wappo tribe effort for Federal recognition

Rex Stults of the Napa Valley Vintners talks about the immediate and long term impacts of the court’s ruling and what it means now for casinos in Napa. 




Dave Graham and Jason Socggins talk to us about their introduction to BottleRock, their purchase of the festival and what a long, interesting trip it’s been, in the run-up to BottleRock 2015.



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