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St. Helena City Council Has Gone from Business Unfriendly to Openly Hostile

Things have gotten so bad between the business community and two members of the St. Helena City Council that they could vote to cut the marketing contract for the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce.  If this happens the Chamber might have to close their Welcome Center as soon as July 1. Mary Koberstein has expressed such public contempt against so many projects, before listening to any public hearing, she could be dangerously close to being in violation of state law.  

Listen to St. Helena Chamber President Pam Simpson: 



Episode 28: We fear wine snobs are spreading their narcissistic, tone-deaf, dysfunctional style to the cocktail world. Plus, we answer questions about wine stains, group etiquette in a wine bar and tasting notes at wineries, and our Horrible Wine Writing scores 97 points for hooey.


Episode 27: Our second show recorded with a live audience at Amador Four Fires. We talk about the worst wine advice ever and answer questions about gluten-free wine and about why some writers always recommend wines you can’t get

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The Future of the Napa Valley Expo – What’s The Plan, The Vision, The Cost and How Is the Community Involved?

Three Napa Valley Expo Board Members, Napa Valley Expo CEO Joe Anderson, Yountville Mayor John Dunbar, and Napa County Planning Commissioner Jeri Gill join us to talk about the future of one of downtown Napa’s most important properties:

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