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Just how much violence goes on at Napa State Hospital?

Dr. Stephen Seager has worked as a psychiatrist at Napa State Hospital for more than four years.  While he applauds the care that’s given to the patients, he argues that Napa State is a very violent place.  A place where psychotic and  dangerous criminals are mixed with the staff and the general hospital population.  Dr. Seager has written about his experiences in “Behind the Gates of Gomorrah: A Year with the Criminally Insane.”  Here is my conversation with Dr. Seager.


Congressman Mike Thompson and Napa Valley College host Public Forum on College Affordability

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson and Napa Valley College hosted a public forum on college affordability.  At the forum, information was presented for both high school and transfer students applying for college, and families and individuals who currently have student loans.

Panelists included Congressman Mike Thompson, Joe Barison & Renee Gullotto, officials from the U.S. Department of Education, Napa Valley College Dean & Financial Aid Officer Patti Morgan, Napa High School Assistant Principal Annie Petrie.   LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE FORUM:

Napa Valley College funding

Napa Valley College VP for Administrative Services, Jeanine Hawk explains how state funding for Community College works and how it directly impacts Napa Valley College.



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The Kellie Fuller Show 2.9.15

The Kellie Fuller Show is by a Napa local and for the locals!  Once a week you’ll get a show with great music, each song hand-selected by Kellie. Music will range from old school to jazz to rock and more.  There will be interviews with fascinating people, information and discussion about topics that Napa Valley locals care about, and weekly updates on what’s going on and all around FUN!!

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