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A Debate about MEASURE “E” The Napa Valley College Bond

FOR MEASURE “E” – DR. RON KRAFT, Napa Valley College President


AGAINST MEASURE “E” – LEON BRAUNING, Napa Taxpayers Association

Napa Storm Watch

Thanks for checking with for our “no drama” coverage of last weeks storm. will continue to keep you updated as real weather conditions require.


If you haven’t mailed in your Napa County ballot yet…. John Tuteur says don’t!!

According to John Tuteur, it’s too late to mail in your ballot.  The only option is to drop it off at one of the voter assistance centers, or at one of the few remaining polling places open on election day.  (See the green notice in your ballot package.)

However, if you’re looking for a place to drop off your ballot anywhere downtown, you’re out of luck!!    John Tuteur explains: