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Are Drones coming to the Napa Valley?

On display at Rootstock this year were a new class of drones designed to provide aerial information about the vineyards.  It’s a joint effort by Vine View of St. Helena and Sky Squirrel of Canada.


Napa is a beehive of activity…in more ways than you know. NAPAbroadcasting Special Correspondent Karin Argoud reports:

With commercial honey bees dying off from pesticides and diseases, Napa resident Rob Keller –  is a man on a mission to save the honey bee.  He has become one of the leading advocates for bees in his area by using his methods of strengthening the genetics of local bee populations by breeding bees with the strongest DNA and by passing his vision on to the next generation through awareness and education. special correspondent Karin Argoud has this story:

Are Blacks Being Treated Deferently in Napa County?

Civil Rights Attorney Waukeen McCoy was joined by representatives of the SF and Vallejo NAACP at a  press conference today at the Omni Hotel in San Francisco, to discuss the $11 million racial discrimination lawsuit against the Napa Valley Wine Train.

They were joined by ten of the woman that were escorted off the  train on August 22nd.   It’s unclear why the Press Conference was not held in Napa.  

Here are highlights of today’s Press Conference: