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Wolk vs. Saylor



Don Saylor       Saylor-Don-courtesy

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Dodd vs. Yamada

Bill Dodd          download


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2nd District Supervisorial Race


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Ryan Gregory  Headshot of Ryan


Judge Price rules in favor of the County

Napa Superior Court Judge Diane Price has ruled that the Napa County Registrar was correct in determining that the so called Oak Woodland Protection Initiative did not contain all of the requisite documentation when it went out for signatures and therefore did not meet the requirements of state law and should not be on the November ballot.  Here is our conversation this morning with Napa County Registrar John Tuteur. 

Link here to Judge Price’s decision:   

A major presentation on the state of the Napa Wine Industry


Richard Mendelson, Rob McMillan and Craig Underhill present to the Napa County Planning Commission on the state of wine distribution, sales trends, winery law and the economic factors impacting wine  sales, marketing and the economics of the Napa wine industry.