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U.S. District Judge rules against the Mishewal Wappo tribe effort for Federal recognition

Rex Stults of the Napa Valley Vintners talks about the immediate and long term impacts of the court’s ruling and what it means now for casinos in Napa. 


Land Use, Wineries, Events and Supervisors….oh my!

Nine hours at the District Auditorium at today’s special Board of Supervisors/Planning Commission meeting. I’m not sure it was the best use of time, but I think it was instructive.


Family entertainment returns to Napa

Evy Warshawski of E & M Presents and Aimee Guillot of Cafeteria Kids Theater outline a whole slate of family programs.

“Napa Valley College Now” looks at the role of technology in Kindergarten and Pre-K

What role should technology play in Pre-K and Kindergarten? Are iPads for all a good idea?  Peg Maddocks, Executive Director of NAPA LEARNS and Darrell Whitacre, Director of the Napa Valley College, Child Development Center address these questions:

Strange Bedfellows

The Napa Land Trust could have done such a nice job with the Borreo Building.  Instead, Michael Holcomb, with the help of City Council Member Juliana Inman, steered it in the direction of Robert Dahl, the shooter in yesterday’s murder/suicide in a Napa Vineyard.

More on Dahl and this story in the coming days.


For those of you who do not remember the original story of the City Council and the Borreo Building, here is my conversation with Joel Tranmer from back in November of 2014. Joel was President of the Napa Land Trust when these odd dealings took place: