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With Chris Malan getting only 13% of the vote….a 3% increase from when she ran 16 years ago….you would think, it might put an end to the “Water, Forest & Oak Woodland initiative.”  The measure, if it ever does get on the ballot (unlikely at this point) it is going to go down faster than those trees it talks about. 

With the overwhelming defeat of Shepp, maybe we can begin to stop wasting time listening to Vision 2050 (now more commonly referred to Vision 1870.) However I guess the 2050 people don’t care about the election results, since they think we’re all dying of cancer anyway.  Time for them to Shepp out!!

The one surprise, I think, was the fact that Measure H, the NVUSD Bond, didn’t make it over the top.  The district ran an excellent campaign, had buy in across the district and still couldn’t get it done. Just how far down the list is education, as a priority in Napa?

What’s next for the Napa County Jail? Stay tuned for more information on this.

In the marquee race, in Supervisorial District 2, it’s going to be an interesting runoff between Ryan Gregory and Mark Luce.  Based on the numbers we’re seeing, we will go on record now predicting a win for Gregory.  For a Board of Supervisors that once, not all that long ago, had Mel Varrelman and Harold Moskowite, think what a refreshing change it is to look at a Board with Alfredo Pedroza, Belia Ramos and perhaps Ryan Gregory.  It’s truly the birth of a refreshing new generation here in Napa

Congratulations of course to Bill Dodd. While he’s still has to run, one more time, against Mariko Yamada, it should be an easy race.  It will be interesting to see if Mariko goes negative once again, with the help of her evil Benicia twin Elizabeth Patterson.